Belinda van Rensburg Heavenly Beings
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Heavenly Beings

Great beings created many eons ago -
submitted to God and before Him to bow.
To worship and serve the Great Father of Lights,
accompanying Him through His heavenly flights.

Seraphs in attendance before God's altar,
and four-faced Cherubs travelling fast and far.
Archangel Prince Michael, so mighty and strong,
whilst millions of angels sing heavenly songs.

A great flutter of wings and music divine,
their flowing white robes in God's glory shine.
In battle they fight for the cause of their King,
and messages to us here on earth they bring.

They've been known to walk and to talk with men
to assist or to test us every now and then.
But more often than not we're not even aware,
that they're helping us or that they are there.

Before them we are not allowed to bow.
we cannot command them at all, you know,
since they'll only respond to God's High command,
and from them nothing we may demand.

Seraphim, Cherubim and angels sing,
“Holy, majestic is the Heavenly King.
God in the Highest, Glory to Him,
Praises of honor to Jesus we bring.

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