Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

As flowers bloom; out in the field.
And their beauty for the world they do yield.
Notice how many sizes and colors they do grow.
They’re just a small part of God’s canvas you know.

Listen to the gentle coo of a morning dove.
Know God is telling how to speak to those you love.
As you listen to the song birds singing in the tree.
Know within your heart they’re part of God’s symphony.

Take time for the thunder and rain showers to enjoy.
Remember how you played in them as a girl or boy.
Do recall those refreshing days of youth you did share.
And take time to notice how God has washed the air.

And of the chattering squirrels at play!
Know they too are working as well today.
Do take time to watch everything they do.
Know that God will not be angry if you learn to do this too.

Do take the time to listen to all that is around you.
Watch and learn of the simple things as God wants you to do.
Relax and take the time to breath; the freshness of the air.
Learn to know that in all things God will always be there.

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