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How blessed are they
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

How blessed are they that serve the Lord.
Their souls eternally rest for evermore.
In heaven rejoicing, singing praise to the most high.
Martyrs who have died in the faith, shine forth now in a beautiful light.
The darkness is over, they neither slumber nor sleep.
Continually praising God, the ancient of days before his mercy seat..
It is hard to describe heaven above.
But we know it is a paradise full of total love.
A celestial city where there is no more sickness or death.
No more bereavement, no more darkness.
Yet I do not understand why so many people do not care less
The saints that have gone before are proud to follow the Lord and with their lips confess.
That Jesus Christ is Lord
How blessed are they and only they,
Who obediently followed and were not led astray.
The celestial city is full of light.
There is no more darkness, no more night.
Illuminated by love and light that will eclipse the darkest night,
How blest are they and only they.
Let us stop for a moment and listen to what the Saints have to say.

c) Andrew Pell 7/05/2018

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