Belinda van Rensburg I Am David
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I Am David

I 'm only a little shepherd boy,
taking care of my father's flock.
To sing to the Lord is my greatest joy,
while I play a sweet tune on my harp.

Wait, I hear someone calling my name,
and I must go home anon.
It might be my brothers playing some game,
but I'll find out what's going on.
An old man is standing there next to my dad,
with a horn of oil in his hand.
My brothers are looking unhappy and sad
that I've been called by Samuel's command.

He anoints me with oil and says I'm the king,
although I am still very young.
Now this very moment my heart starts to sing,
for I am God's chosen one.

To do God's will is my only desire,
to be good and righteous in Him.
I will play the harp for my heart is on fire,
while I worship the Heavenly King.

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