Andrew PellImitation of Christ
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Imitation of Christ
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We welcome into our life people burdened with sin,
This act of kindness, forgiveness it brings.
Who amongst us can cast the first stone?
None of us for we all would be alone.
Each person shines his or her light.
We can encourage them to shine so bright.
Love casts out darkness and brings daylight.
Greet everyone with a bright smile.
Bring them out of exile.
Stretch forth our hand in love and compassion.
Give people everywhere their daily ration.
Listen to others who need to talk.
Take them for a long walk.
It is only when we recognize our own limitations.
Then we will receive the divine visitation.
Always walk in the light of Christ.
Those who abide in love will never thirst.

Andrew Pell 15/05/11

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