Walterrean Salley poetry imageThe Immortal Soul
By Walterrean Salley
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The Immortal Soul
By Walterrean Salley

The soul of man is immortal:
The part that neither dies nor decays,
But journeys on to the lot of its destination
To dwell throughout eternal ages.
The soul is invisible.
The part of man
That cannot be seen ,
Nor touched with the physical.
The soul of man never ages
Nor frets for the idea of growing old.
It neither has wrinkles,
Nor tangible signs of weaknesses.
And can never be embraced
By life’s manifold material things.
A soul that knows freedom
Does not bear weariness,
But is renewed as the brightness
Of each morning.
Whether bound or set free,
The soul has an eternal existence.
It has been appointed unto men once to die,
But the soul lives eternally. 

© 2014 Walterrean Salley

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