Andrew PellIncurable Hopeful Person
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Incurable Hopeful Person
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

What a beautiful description of someone that is always hopeful.
They are never anti-social or annoyingly boastful.
They look at life and the world in such a positive way.
They never walk around with a sad look expecting each day may be doomsday.
Hope is the Key that unlocks the door for a positive and fulfilling life.
Hope gives us the courage to carry on even when we stumble into strife.
We move forward regardless of the situation or circumstances that we are in.
We have a passion that drives us on our very own mission.
I will be an Incurable Hopeful person.
I am not Superman, but I have a Vision.
We can all be that incurable hopeful person if we allow ourselves to be.
Let us all open our hearts and our minds so we can all clearly see.
Being an Incurable hopeful person will and can set us free.

(c) Andrew Pell 13/05/2020


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