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Mark Edgemon has been writing for 30 years. He writes and publishes short stories, articles, poetry and scripts, as well as, produces audio comedy productions for over 700 radio stations nationwide.

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I Possess the Hell That Encamps Against Me

He opens a Pandora's box, that he may ensnare my feet;
To delay my purpose; to drain my energy of focus.
He is nipping at my heels, night and day; as the sun rises and sets
And darkness surrounds my space; shadows my face.
I know who I am and so does he; he knows well.
He would not pursue me so vehemently if I were lost.
He is forever watching; I drain his resources;
That are not inexhaustible as he would have me believe.
He is not all knowing; he lies; not omnipresent; he deceives.
My devastation is not inevitable, as spoken by the father of deception.
I am...called; I have purpose; my life has meaning and it is here.
What is he afraid of? Do I scare HIM? He has reason to fear!
The End

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