Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

Today sadly has come to be. Tomorrow is yet for us to see. What will come with the morn, I can not say. For the morn is but a beginning of the day. Yet tomorrow I find, I may not be ready to see. For today the Lord has taken, my loved one from me.

Today for me, is but part of yesterday. And yesterday, has come and gone just as today. Yet tomorrow shall come, and it too I must face. Yet tomorrow like today, I will have an empty space. An empty space within my heart there shall be for me. For today the Lord has taken my loved one from me.

From me, God has taken a loved one away. God has taken my loved one, to be with him this day. Though today I am sad, and my heart feels like it is broken. I know that in Heaven, with the Lord my loved one has spoken. Just what they talked of, that I truly can not say. But I can say my loved one is in heaven this day.

In Heaven I know, my loved one now does dwell. There someday, together with God I will be as well. When my day will come that I do not know. But when that day comes, gladly to God I will go. And in heaven with my loved one and God, I too will be that day. But tomorrow I must go on living, even if God took my loved one away.

Written 7-25-06

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