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If I were a hammer, I'd miss the nail.
If I were a knife, I'd cut a finger as well.

If I were a letter, I'd be lost in the mail.

If I were a criminal, I'd be stuck in jail.

If I were a student, I'd miss the bell.

If I were a boat, I'd have a torn sail.

If I were a beaver, I'd have lost my tail.

If I were in a storm, I'd get beaten with hail.

If I were a gossiper, I'd forget the tale.

If I were a farmer, I'd roll wet bale.

If I were a salesman, I'd lose the sale.

If I were a painter, I'd drop the pail.

If I were a boy, I'd be named 'Gayle'.

If I were a sinner, I'd go to hell.

Ep. 6:11

Pessimism produces Self-defeat.

2002 by Joyce C. Lock

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