Waiting: Poetry By Joyce C. Lock - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

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Walking to the front door, the porch light shined upon.
There's no remembrance of turning it on.

The deadbolt left unlocked, a deterrent to prevent.
Leaving it for mother, an every day event.

The front room spoke silence (a light appeared there, too),
Where the TV often blasts to the next room.

Looking out the window, ground covered in white,
Twelve inches predicted; a winter storm in flight.

No matter what type of storm's rage, it seems
Everyone is vanished, upon God to glean.

A look to the watch, a rough road comes to mind;
Time to be home, that family of mine.

The telephone rings. A friend knows when to call.
Passing the time makes waiting shorter for all.

Though it wasn't as special as time with the LORD,
There's hope for tomorrow - that friends will love more.

Wondering how many times promises retain as yours,
Again the family comes walking through the door.

2002 by Joyce C. Lock

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