Jhc Tabucur LyretteKarma that is Associated with its Death: Poetry By Jhc Tabucur Lyrette - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

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Meat Companies want you to Eat Meat
That's where they Obtain their Profit
They are not Spiritual
And have no Concern or Knowledge
Of the Price of Karma
Nor do they Really Care about
The Environment or Fate of our Planet
The Facade that the Company creates
Looks Pleasing and Comfortable
You walk into the Butcher Section
In any Supermarket you Don't See
The Blood the Fear the Horror
What that Animal Experiences in the
Moments before Death is Indescribable
Most are not Killed Instantaneously
Not that it matters as they Should Not
Be killed in the First Place
But are only Allowed a Slow
And Excruciating Death
All You See is what
Is Displayed in the
Freezer Counter so Far
Away from the Actual
Inhuman Horrific Brutality
Humane Slaughter
These Two Words are
Contradictory at Best
When used Together
To Slaughter is not Humane
To be Humane is not to Slaughter
Or they Justify there Killing
By Saying that our Animals feed
Free Range Play in The Sun
And have a Good Life
Death row is Death row
No Matter how Comfortable
You make me Feel Before
The Execution
Only the Blind of Mind
Will see Humane Slaughter
As Humane
Give me a Good Life
Then Slash my Throat
Oops I almost Forgot to
Thank You for Being
So Good to Me
Although You did not Kill
That animal
The Moment You
Consume a Piece of
Its Flesh
You Assume some of
The Karma that Is
Associated with its Death
~ Tabucur ~
Jhc Tabucur Lyrette ??/11/09

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