Andrew PellThe Land of Light and Love
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Land of Light and Love
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

There is a magical land of Light and Love.
It flows directly from Heaven above.
Where there is no sickness or greed.
Everyoneís mission everyday is to a good deed
To help someone that is in need.
The sun will never set.
This is a sure bet.
No one will ever forget.
In this land there are myriads of flowers in bloom.
There is never any darkness or doom.
There is no crime, no jails or poverty.
Love holds the magical key.
This is heaven, not some fairy tale.
In this land nothing will ever fail.
In our own little turf on earth we can create paradise.
This is not just available to the wealthy and wise.
No one is allowed in with a false disguise.
No crime, no lies.
This is what happens when God enters in our hearts and mind.
There is no more darkness or sin you will find.
Visualize this magical land,
It is Utopia where life is grand.
Beautiful angelic music infiltrating our senses and mind,
Such beauty is a gift from the Divine.
See the beautiful flowers in bloom.
In your heart make sure there is room.
This is Godís Kingdom infiltrating our hearts and mind.
The main message is for us to show love and be kind.
Accept and embrace this gift from above.
Visualize this magical land of light and love.
Modern day religion focuses on Damnation and Sin.
Letís focus on Godís love and allow the love to enter in.

land of light

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