Walterrean Salley poetry imageLet Me Stand
By Walterrean Salley
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Let Me Stand
By Walterrean Salley

Father, leave me not to despair,
My love for You is everywhere.
It deeply shows all in my face,
Ornamented with Your gift of grace.
Lord keep me in Your loving care
That I with others, too, may share
The comfort of Your loving arms
That succors me when I am worn.
As a leaf falls from a tree
And gently rests upon the ground,
So when I lean to rest in Thee—
A gentle cushion may I find.
When dark shadows come
To lead me to despair—
As the brightness of the sun,
So let me know You’re there.
As the rain falls from the skies,
Constantly flowing it comes—
When teardrops fall from my eyes,
Please wipe them every one.
And as the tallest tree there is,
Most solid and most sure,
Let me stand that sound in faith
With hope and love that’s pure.

© 2014 Walterrean Salley

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