Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written 3-26-06

Good morning, my Lord. Itís Sunday, and Iím thinking of you. Then again we both know that is nothing new. Iím still stuck on my thoughts about titles you see. And Iím hoping you can clear up some of them for me. I believe the titles are at the root of the problems of this day and age. Titles or clicks, as we call them, acting against each other with rage.

Neither of the groups has any desire to be as the other in many a way. They all claim to be of your house, and to you they say they pray. As you know we have many different churches in our world today. All varying in size and strength, many are leading the way. They all read passages from the Bible, and preach your word. Still I canít help wonder, by certain groups was your word even heard.

The churches read from the Bible, and preach from it to fit today. They have softened up your word, and many now act in a terrible way. Now with that forgive me Lord, for I am confused by what I hear. A lot of things they say donít go along with the Bible I fear. You see, Lord, since I started working from the Bible the other day; It opened my eyes, to see how they are acting in a wrongful way.

Several of the larger clicks speak of an abomination within. They speak of how these people might feel, but not of the sin. Now Lord I have also read, our sins will be forgiven in your Sonís name. Those, of whom I speak, repent they do not; will such sinner receive the same. As a man born into a world of sin, my sins to you I do proclaim. Then I endeavor to act not as before, yet a sinner I know I will remain.

I say this to you, my Lord, as I know perfect as you are, I am not by far. Because of this I thank you for your son born under your guiding star. I also thank you Lord for taking the time to read my thoughts of today. I thank you Lord for Jesus, and teaching us how to pray. As for my thoughts on titles, Iíll continue to work them through. Iíll continue to work those thoughts, but Iíll also be thinking of you.

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