Andrew PellLex Talionis (An Eye for an Eye)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Lex Talionis (An Eye for an Eye)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

What sane reason is the concept “An Eye for an Eye”?
Why do people feel they need to comply?
I think it is an evil misrepresented part of God’s holy law.
Do you wish me to say more?
What satisfaction is there in hurting someone who has hurt you?
We are fooled in thinking revenge is sweet.
Do we look at it as some extraordinary feat?
Momentary anger is lust.
In a moment it will fall to dust.
It is a cancer and rust.
It is completely unjust.
Anger is momentary and love is forever.
People who embark on revenge think they are clever.
They pretend to be righteous and moral.
All they do is cause inescapable pain and trouble.
“Vengeance is mine says the Lord”
Is this a statement written on cardboard?
No, God will reconcile all wrongs.
He will turn all hatred into beautiful songs.
Do not practice “Lex Talionis”
For you will bring upon yourself an unwanted bonus.

© Andrew Pell 06/09/08

lex talionis

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