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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written 1-10-07

Today when I awoke I felt like being a bear.
I thought if I was a bear I wouldn’t need to care.
I thought I wouldn’t care about getting up today.
I would just go about doing things in my way.
If I were a bear I wouldn’t have got out of bed.
I would have gone back to sleep in stead.

However a bear I am not as you may know.
So I got up and made myself ready go.
To work I must go unlike the bear.
Of the time I have this I must share.
Go I must no matter what it’s doing out there.
This morning its cold and I want to be like the bear.

For neither work, nor go out in the cold does he have to do.
He would yawn and roll over and sleep the winter through.
Sleep he would all nice and warm in his bed.
Where I have to get up and go off to work in stead.
And this morning it’s cold out there.
So this morning I think I want to be like the bear.

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