Andrew PellThe Living Faith is Helping Someone in Need
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Living Faith is Helping Someone in Need
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The Living Faith is helping someone in need.
Living and walking the creed, saying no to greed,
It maybe providing food to someone who is hungry,
Providing water to someone who is thirsty.
We may talk to a stranger on the bus.
Listen to what they say without fuss.
The Living Faith is becoming a servant.
Teaching us to become more observant
When you become a slave.
You ride the crest of a wave.
The Living Faith is living compassion.
It propels us into action.
The Living Faith is an entity outside religion or creed.
The Living Faith stops to help someone on need.
Start with a stranger to sow the seed.
The Living Faith transcends all time and space.
The Living Faith is revealed in the homeless manís face.
The Living Faith provides forgiveness to all wrongs.
Good friends find grace to forgive, and together they sing beautiful songs.
The Living Faith is an experience that will last.
Through unsteady waters the Cross of Christ is the steering mast.

© Andrew Pell 02/06/2013

Andrew Pell living faith helping someone need

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