Andrew PellBut lo there breaks a yet more glorious morn
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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But lo there breaks a yet more glorious morn
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

This is when Christ returns and replenishes the earth.
The whole earth will be cleansed and experience a rebirth.
Evil will be vanquished , God’s Kingdom will reign supreme,
Jesus Christ has the Key to all eternity.
This is the promise of divine certainty.
We will all rejoice for we are now part of God’s family.
The rest belongs to history.
This is not a mystery.
It is there for all who has eyes to see,
Only Christ holds the Key.
This is God’s eternal promise.
There will never be any compromise.
God’s Kingdom is now with man.
Evil has retreated and will not stand.
Everything with God is divinely planned.
Rejoice, let the trumpets sound.
The feast begins.
We will never have to worry about death and sin.
Christ is our advocate and King.
The angels sing, the bells will ring,
Death is no more , the heavenly angels sing.
The heavenly angels takes up Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus.
The message for us, it was composed for us.
God shall wipe away all tears, all tears from our eyes.
There will never be any more darkness or evil lies.
Rejoice give thanks, let the banquet begin.
The bells constantly ring.
Christ is now enthroned on earth.
The whole earth is now experiencing a beautiful and divine rebirth.
“Holy Holy Lord God almighty”
Thank you for the defeat of evil and the beautiful regeneration.
The world rejoices with great jubilation and thankfulness and praise.
To you O Lord, our hearts and love and praise we raise.

(c) Andrew Pell 23/10/2018

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