Walterrean Salley poetry imageLonging For God
By Walterrean Salley
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Longing For God
By Walterrean Salley

Have you ever been hungry
And bowed in pain?
When the stomach’s empty—
All else seems vain.
We eat, and eat
Till the soul is stout.
And the belly is full
And bulging out.
But when the heart’s empty,
It longs for God.
Naught else can sooth
Such lump of sod.
And He satisfies
With the Bread of life,
Until the void
Transforms to rife.
And the pain is gone,
And easy the trod—
Cause the heart is filled
With the Spirit of God.
Like natural hunger
And thirst each day
May we long for God
In a spiritual way.

© 2014 Walterrean Salley

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