By Jonnah Dee Baker
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By Jonnah Dee Baker

We look upon the suffering servant on the cross with our own stipulations. "That's fine as long as you stay over there and don't drip your blood on the carpet."

We look upon the homeless beggar and permit their existence so long as we don't have to interact with them or give too much of our tax dollars.

We look upon the virgin Mary with rose colored glasses, hoping she just stays far enough away with her cute little story to not ask of us for a room in our house.

We look upon the pregnant single mom on food stamps with distain, considering her as selfish to bring a child into the world in such lowly conditions.

We look upon Joseph as a sad excuse for a man, unable to provide an honorable space for his betrothed to give birth, and not as the "real" dad because his sperm stayed inside him.

We look upon the grown boys of America, surely not men, wondering if we wait around long enough if they will suddenly measure up to our standards that we projected on them without their consent.

We look upon the Holy Family with a dumbfounded and distant gaze, hesitant to get too close because we don't want to have to fake smile at them and fear how they may complicate our lives.

We look upon the broken people, families, and nations of our day, seeing them as "others" instead of as "brothers" because that way none of the mending is expected to come from our own hearts, hands, and pocketbooks.

Our own navel-gazing keeps us from seeing ourselves in everyone on this planet. We all have belly buttons from the umbilical cords connecting us to our mothers who had belly buttons too. We all entered this world as entirely helpless babes, fully dependent on sucking the sustenance available to us, nothing to offer in return except teary eyes, sleepless nights, and stinky bottoms. And we are all royalty, beloved children of the Heavenly King, equal members in the holy human family. May we humbly look upon our brothers in such a way that inspires us all to believe we are who we really are because the I AM is. 

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