Look at this strange sight
Poetry by Peter Menkin

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Look at this strange sight
Poetry by Peter Menkin

“Why the bush is not burning.”
Look hard in the desert at 80
years of age.
This is a life as a child.
In the Hebrew: ~ I must go
across and look.
This is a leaving of where
he was on a life
with the sheep
and have a look
at something new.
He must leave this security
of the plain to be
confronted with the mystery.
How far the Lord wanted
Abraham to go as did Peter
in his early morning
as he waited for Christ.
As did Martha when she
organized Christ, or the Spirit.
Martha learns something
when Lazarus dies.
God knows when
we are in the desert
when he calls in the desert,
when he calls
“Where is Moses.”
It is in the Holy Fire of God
when we take off our shoes,
as did Moses.
We do it alone,
in solitude.
The very thing
is the presence of God
waiting for us.
I have heard the suffering
of my people.
God liberates Moses,
who in his brokenness
discovers his identity,
finds his mission.
(from male spirituality): trust in
the insecurity of the painful victory
by putting on the mind
of Christ.
“Mercy.” reads an Oblate,
“instead of sacrifice.”
(Father Michael.)

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