Andrew PellLord with me abide
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Lord with me abide
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(Taken from that lovely Hymn “Abide with me” by Henry Francis Lyte 1793 – 1847)

Dear Lord every day and every moment of the Day.
There is so much I need to ask and say.
Each day brings its own unique battles to be fought and won.
But you dear Lord are my strength and shield.
To you dear Lord I humbly yield.
Please keep my family, loved ones and friends safe from harm or sickness.
At times I get very anxious.
Dear Lord I pray that you will always walk with me.
Through your eyes dear Lord I can now clearly see.
Your Divine Love has set me free.

© Andrew Pell 13/06/2020

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