Mary T. HoffmanLord, Come Now
Poetry by Mary T. Hoffman
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Lord, Come Now
Poetry by Mary T. Hoffman

Lord, come now; on earth descend,
And finally put an end
To all that we call “life” –
It’s full of lies and strife.

Folks seem hard-wired
For staying mired –
Exalting evil round the clock
While good is what they mock.
Words are merely used as tools;
Meanings twisted for the fools
Complicit in their own demise
As they are led by Satan’s lies.

Isaiah’s prophecy fulfilled
Will bring an end to the killed.
Your creation’s soaked in blood
Accumulated since the Flood.

Comfort the one with broken heart
Who won’t succumb and be a part
Of cruelty so widespread, deplored,
Yet taken for granted and ignored.

Lord, shine your light eternal
On all that is infernal.
Command that all strife cease;
Bring forth your perfect peace.

(Written the morning of 5 February 2007)

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