Andrew PellLove chooses with Perfect Sensitivity
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Love chooses with Perfect Sensitivity
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Sometimes when you meet someone you experience an instant connection with one another.
No awkwardness, no fuss, only a strong attraction that you couldnít miss.
Like two souls reuniting again after many lifetimes.
In a previous life, they could have been lovers.
Or simply more realistically where two unique souls their paths have crossed.
Love does not make mistakes.
Love is kind, patient and gentle.
How beautiful it is to see two people walking along holding hands.
This is all part of Godís grand design and perfect plan.
Love will come and choose you before you know what is happening.
It is all part of a renewal and an exciting new beginning.
There is no pretence, anger or strife.
Two souls joined together and united by love.
Love will always choose with perfect sensitivity.
Two people joined together experiencing divine creativity.
They are joined together in this life on a beautiful ongoing journey.

© Andrew Pell 17/05/2020

loving couple

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