Andrew PellLove Life and it will Love you back
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Love Life and it will Love you back
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(A Quote by Dr Norman Vincent Peale)

Thank you Father for uplifting me when I was feeling so low,
I am sure God would have said “Life is worthwhile”, please give Life a go.
Life is wondrous, full of mystery, full of adventure and full of Love and Light.
We need to let go of our feelings of hopelessness,
Life is a journey it has its smooth roads and bumpy roads at times.
But ultimately God loves each and every one of us and wants for us the very best.
Next time you feel down take a step backwards.
Read the book of Psalms or a Positive Thinking Book.
It is important that we communicate how we feel to friends that care.
It is our own lack of faith at times in what we do can bring us down.
But God’s love for us and his word is very sound.
Change your perception, love life and life will love you back.
This is an honest and true fact.
God loves each and every one of us, trust God in life.
Any obstacles that we come across, we can deal with if we remain positive.
Then you and I will be on track to accomplish anything we want to.
Trust in God, be positive and you will find that success and happiness is nothing new.

© Andrew Pell 11/01/2021

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