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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Love in Abundance
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Love is something we are born to share.
It shows the world that we really do care.
It is something we all have in abundance.
It is better than monetary rewards or financial grants.
We reflect on St. Francis on his journey to Rome along the Appian Way.
St. Francis and his companion came across a leper on the Second day.
The companion urged St. Francis to follow a different path.
St. Francis smiled and said “no” with a hearty laugh.
“There will always be lepers in life on the many paths we seek”.
He moved forward in total love and embraced the leper and kissed him on the cheek.
This was total love in abundance, not for the spiritually weak.
The other lesson to this story is always moving forward without fear.
Because you know and believe that God is always very near.
He is there to take you by the hand and wipe away every tear.
Love in abundance is seen in God’s son.
In Jesus Christ abundant love always won.
In our own time Mother Teresa exemplified total love.
Her Love in abundance came from God above.
Mother Teresa was a modern day saint who had love in abundance for the down trodden and poor.
She had first hand witness to the ugliness of humanity and the ignorance of those in power; she painfully saw.
But Mother Teresa was gifted with Love in abundance for all.
Mother Teresa did not hesitate to answer God’s divine call.
We all have Love in abundance for all.
We to can hold people high so they will not fall.
Love in abundance is for everyone today.
It will pierce the darkest corners of humanity in a wonderful way.
In people’s hearts from all walks of life, the sun will shine every single day.

© Andrew Pell 18/11/07

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