Andrew PellManifest the happiness that you truly deserve
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Manifest the happiness that you truly deserve
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Do not put your happiness on hold or on reserve.
Embrace it now, live it and recapture your happiness that you abandoned.
Do not settle for anything less.
Manifest the joy and happiness that is out there freely for the asking.
Embrace and enjoy the experience of complete happiness without ever ceasing.
The Love you give out to everyone will come back to you in many varied ways.
Every day can be a magical and carefree days.
Imagine endless days of love joy and hope.
You have thrown away the shackles of insecurity, loneness, doubt and fear.
For the first time in your life everything will appear crystal clear.
Your World around will be changed forever with happiness, hope, clarity and love.
This manifestation can only happen if you truly believe and have faith in God above.
You will change from being the victim to being victorious,
Then visualize the wonders of love, peace and Divine happiness.
When you go to bed tonight, think of all the success and opportunities that await you.
For you will be truly blest.
For God, the God of Love know what’s best.
Happiness and peace will be like a flood coming into your life.
The Darkness is gone, so there will be no more sorrow or strife.
Every day can be a magical day full of achievement and hope.
Recapture the wonders of Love, Peace and success.
Say a prayer for guidance, peace and for the opportunities that you will experience.
Walk in the Light for the darkness has gone forever.
Sorrow will be a thing of the past.
Your happiness and peace

© Andrew Pell 05/03/2021

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