Belinda van Rensburg Man's Plans vs. God's Plans
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Man's Plans vs. God's Plans

No matter how long we devise our plans,
carefully reviewing each detail;
God often changes the plans made by man
as we watch in despair as they crash and derail.

Our hands in our hair as we cry and bewail
the harshness of our lot and our loss.
Our anguish will not be of any avail
and we might as well stop making all the fuss.

If what we have planned is not in God's will
we need to accept all His changes.
We should never panic but stand back and be still
and wait to see what He plans and arranges.
It's not always easy to abandon our schemes,
but it will be much worse to be out of God's will.
When He is the One in control of our dreams
our hopes and desires will be fulfilled.

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