The Middle of the Night
By Debbie Preuss
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The Middle of the Night By Debbie Preuss
By Debbie Preuss

Oh Lord is this our time in the middle of the night again

That You are asking me to pick up my pen

So early in the morning the birds haven't begun to sing

Now is my time to praise You, oh my Lord and King

You are the Great Creator of the beauty that I see

The mountains and the forest and the wide expanse of sea

The sky is getting brighter, the stars have dimmed their light

Soon the sun will rise signaling the end of night

You are El Shaddi, the Rock of all the ages

My heart is singing as I write upon these pages

Oh Lord I bow and worship from the bottom of my heart

No matter what happens we'll never be apart

My God Your names are many and I love them all

Open up my ears so I hear You when You call

You are the Great Healer, the answer to my prayers

You love me so much You know the number of my hairs

God of all creation I know that You made me

To live with You forever throughout eternity

Lord my words they fail me, listen to my heart

With every beat it takes let the worship start

The beauty all around me envelopes my soul

You take the broken pieces and You make me whole

Here upon the beach created by Your ocean's tide

Lord my soul's at peace as I in You abide

In the utter stillness of this early hour

I look around me and I see Your mighty power

Now in the early morning before the birds begin to sing

I praise You oh my Father, Jesus Christ the King of Kings

Debbie Preuss June 16, 2016

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