Andrew PellMiracles happen all the time
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Miracles happen all the time
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Even in this modern technological age Miracles occur.
Sometimes it is hard to accept it, because we donít know the answer.
I am sure many of us at times lose site of the spiritual dimension.
Miracles do happen; this is a recorded and proven certainty.
God controls everything that happens each and every Day.
When Christ roamed the Earth miracles he performed.
The current situation manifested and the recipient was transformed.
Sometimes we lose sight of Godís power and his Divine Love.
This Divine Love and power can only come from God above.
Miracles occur but they are not news worthy and not recorded.
God intervenes in human affairs daily and many people are comforted.
Believe in God and accept Christ as your Savior.
Be kind and help your Neighbor.
There should be no doubts that Miracles occur daily,
And will forevermore.

© Andrew Pell 31/05/2020


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