Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

I carry with me something small everywhere I go.
It is very important to have I truly do know.
Valuable it is yet it canít be stolen as itís hidden from sight.
Hidden it is yet I carry it with me as it is very light.

Yes its weight isnít much as itís actually very small.
Still it is of great usage even on things very tall.
Upon heavy items itís been used so there would be no harm.
Where I got it from was an old man who worked on a farm.

He told to carry it with me wherever I did go.
And in time he said Iíll pass it on to someone else also.
Then maybe theyíll learn its value and use it someday.
Then again something so small they just may toss away.

Now what he gave me weighs an ounce no less, no more.
Still it is very much worth carrying around forever more.
For it has saved me from much work as well as pain.
So I now give it to you and with me it shall also remain.

It is an ounce of prevention that I carry with me.
As it much lighter; than a pound of cure you see.
And to be totally honest and allow the truth to be told!
That ounce of prevention is more precious then gold.

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