Andrew PellMove Away from the Darkness
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Move Away from the Darkness
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

It is easy to feel trapped by inner darkness that surrounds us.
We get trapped and accept it with little or no fuss.
This moment in time seems black.
We feel trapped and cannot get back.
We need to step outside the emotional level.
This sometimes can be ones devil
Clear your mind take a step into the light.
Wave goodbye to the Darkest night.
Let God gently lead you into the light.
By moving forward we fly high above like a kite.
Whatever confronts us deal with it head on.
God is the source of all courage and we will be strong.
Once you have conquer one the rest will be easy.
Do not look back but continue moving forward.
Look at the grandeur around.
Embrace life as gentle as a kiss.
The past is gone.
The morning comes like a beautiful love song.
You will be amazed by the confidence you have.
You will conquer many hurdles for you are strong.
This is what God wanted and created.
Walk in the light, ,there will never be a long night.

Andrew Pell 23/05/2017


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