Andrew PellMy Cross
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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My Cross
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

I have carried my cross too many times
When will the suffering end I am weary.
How many resurrections take place only to
Take up the cross one more time.
The frailty of mankind in a sick diseased world.
I have tasted love only to surrender it.
I have tasted victory only to be defeated.
Dreams that have dissipated, visions that have faded.
I have walked in humility only to be proud.
The masters of this world are only prisoners.
Prisoners of their station of life.
To be free like a bird to escape.
I weep for mankind the suffering and the dying.
Our life is but a pyrrhic victory.
Time is short the rapture is coming.
For Godís sake.
I must carry my cross one more time.

© Andrew Pell 3/05/2020

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