Andrew PellMy Path to Peace
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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My Path to Peace
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We worry about wars globally, but not in our own neighbourhood.
Yet they can be emotionally debilitating and it is not given the attention it should.
Peace is not a concept that can be taught.
It is a way of life, a foundation of living, otherwise all is for nought.
There are little things that each and everyone of us can do.
Follow a few basic steps, I know my words are true.
Give a complete stranger a smile each and every day.
Be attentive to what a friend or colleague has to say.
Be generous in whatever way you can.>
It is no good just burying your head in the sand.
Talk to people that may be lonely without them even telling us.
There is no need to make any special fuss.
Embrace a colleague or stranger warmly.
Show them that you do really care.
These are a few basic tips to make the world a better place.
Then there will be peace amongst friends, nations and all the worlds divers races.

Andrew Pell 19/10/07

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