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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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My Wish for Today
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

What would be your wish for today?
Would you wish for material gains, or the Stock Market to play?
Do you wish for countless houses and Servants to?
With every whim or command they would obediently do.
Would your wish be more spiritually orientated?
Or do you believe your life is extremely fated.
Whichever way your life direction flows, there is one spiritual truth.
That is to Love God; Love your neighbour, Please donít be aloof.
Your wish for today should be for your neighbours and your friends.
Talk to your neighbour, If there are past hurts, it is time to mend.
Give a smile to a stranger who in turn will give a smile.
They for you and others will walk that extra mile.
Wish for their happiness, their love and more importantly their concept of peace.
It should be your wish that all anger, jealousy and malice will completely cease.
Trust in God to grant your wish today.
Then once again the world will be in harmony and all creation is at play.

© Andrew Pell 13/10/07

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