Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written 1-17-07

Have you ever truly looked upon the trees?
And upon your face have you enjoyed a cool breeze.
Did you see of what the tree does give?
And did you enjoy the sight of what in it does live?

Did you see the bird within their nest?
The chattering squirrels; or chipmunks at rest.
Did you see the shape of the leaves upon each tree?
Of all these wonderful things did any of them you see?

And of that cool breeze you did feel.
Was your love of it truly real?
Did you feel it upon your face and in your heart this day?
Or was it just in passing as you moved along your way?

As you moved along your way, what of nature did you see?
Was there any flowers and perhaps a busy honey bee?
Of nature can you say you heard any of its sound?
Did you even notice nature’s sounds were all around?

Or did you fail to notice the buzzing of the bee?
The songs of the birds up in the tree!
Did your senses capture it all and then set it free?
Of your time with nature did any of it, you hear or see?

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