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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

How can we shield ourselves from all negative influences?
We often pick up on negativity with our inner sense.
It can adversely affect our general well-being.
We can pick up on their anger and inward grieving.
The person may communicate nothing positive.
How do we feel after talking to such a person?
Sometimes their very presence causes us much friction.
How do we deal with harmful emotions that penetrate our very soul?
We need to surround ourselves with a white light, lest too we fall into a black hole.
We need to let go of negative influences that touch us each day.
We need to quietly meditate and earnestly pray.
Walk and talk with those who are positive.
Stay away from forces or emotions that are negative.
These emotions are counter-productive.
Be at peace with everyone that crosses our path.
They to are a reflection of the Divine. Reach out and have a good laugh.

Andrew Pell

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