Andrew PellO Lamb of God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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O Lamb of God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

O Lamb of God, most holy one,
Thou precious sacrifice, Godís only son
The heavenly Hosts cry out to thee
Your heart cries out, why wonít you follow me.

He rode on a donkey with palms at his feet
There were the scribes, the Pharisees and all the elite;
Hosanna they cried, Hosanna to the king
People were filled with hope, palms and branches they did bring.

You were betrayed and arrested,
Your humanity and love was surely tested.
You were mocked, beaten and nailed to a cross;
You were alone and felt a great loss.

That Climatic day, centuries ago,
The sky turned black, you hung so low
Myriads of other realm beings, watched from above
With pitying eyes they saw a world devoid of love.

You hung on that Cross with nails that pierced both your hands and feet.
A crown of thorns was your royal crown;
The heavenly host watched the tragic drama unfold
The greatest story was yet to be told.

You cried out from the cross, why have you forsakened me;
Those who knew him did run and flee.
Drops of blood he shed on that day,
Those who were at the foot of the cross, had nothing to say.

Then he lowered his head and softly cried
ďIt is finishedĒ, The King of Kings had just died.
The Sky was pitch black, the earth did shake.
Godís only Son did the world forsake.

There was no royal fanfare or funeral parade
Only an old stone tomb, was he gently laid.
There was great sorrow, confusion reigned
Mary and the others did not understand what was pre-ordained.

Then on the third day, the first light of morn
Flickered through a world so forlorn,
With every passing moment, each ray illuminated the ground.
The world was bathed in a strange eerie glow, there was no sound.

Then the full majesty of God broke forth at last
Godís anointed one rose from the Grave
Evil retreated, the battle was won
The sacrifice complete the deed was done.

The heavenly Anthems thundered forth from above.
The celestial bells did peel their sound of love.
The Seraphim and all the hosts joined in song.
All mankind does now to God belong.

O Lamb of God most Holy one
Thou precious sacrifice, Godís only son.
All the heavenly hosts give praise to thee.
All mankind now can follow thee.

O Lamb of God most precious one.
You shine brighter than the brightest sun,
You will return in power and might.
Then on that appointed day, will be a glorious sight.

© By Andrew Pell 2000

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