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Even our own Offspring
Fail to see the Truth
We create their Bodies
Not their Karmic Worth
For they are their Spirits
Before this Birth
To consume Flesh
Display the Immaturity
OH so Karmic Blind
The Spirit lacks Insight
The Human Race
Blind to the True Light
For we are so Few
Who have the Sight
7 Billion Minds that Live
In the perpetualness of Night
Lost in the Darkness
In the Abyss
The Void of Mind
Foolish in their so-called Right
Self-proclaimed takers of Life
Generation after Generation
Ignorant of their Evolution
So sad it Maybe
We must not Relent
Their Soul is not as Old
Through the Karmic Cycles
Round and round they Go
Each life takes Them
Farther from the Truth
Supreme Rulers we Are
We have Dominion
On this beautiful Earth
All on this Planet
Are our Stellar Children
Humans are the Culmination
Of Sacred Cosmic Birth
We stand above the Others
With Wisdom and Enlightenment
A paradise for all to Grow
Humans violate Mother Earth
And only our own Future
Generation will we Hurt
What is our true Worth
To trample on our Species
In the same Fashion
We do to all Blessed
Who walk on this World
As parents we should Care
About our Great Grand Children
Will the Water and the Air
Survive to sustain any Life
Are we to be the Knife
That severs Planetary Terrestrial Life
And to rob the Aquatics
Of what they need to Survive
We take more than we Need
We steal from the Future
To feed our Greed
So now we Consume
Our fellow Beasts
We roam as Ravenous
Mouth drooling showing Teeth
To become the Evil Beast
Born on a Throne
We have become the Most
Foulest Beast of All
Seduced by the Body
Blind to the Spirit of Life
We all possess Within
Distant is our own Offspring
To many this is Known
They hear the Teaching
Yet cannot fathom it on their Own
So they feast as Animals
Tho it fills me with Dread
The unenlightened I must let Go
Never forget my Cosmic Throne
Spiritually they find no Home
As the wind that Blows
As a Father myself Knows
In this Temporal Plane
I am the only one in my Family
Alone in thoughts and Heart
Born to comprehend the Light
And remain shy of the Dark
To them I'm a Drunk Old Taoist
To forfeit this Paradice we call Earth
Brings Darkness to the Light
Is that our Worth
And in good sound Knowledge
Who would Listen To
One that believes That
We are born to Rule
Just rambling Words
Of an Old Cosmic Fool 
~ Tabucur ~
Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 05/14/13

jhc Tabucur Lyrette cosmic fool

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