Anne S. Moore One Moment In Time
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One Moment In Time

Autumn . . .

When leaves are set free
Dress in any color and
dance across the hilltops,
Lifted by the wind and
lured by the sunrise,
Held by a mist and
kissed by soft raindrops,
Beckoned on and on by the
heartbeat of birdsongs,
Heedless of time and planning
or knowing,
Remembering life as
only this moment of
Being free to express
the Creator’s design:
A fingerprint, a leaf, a splash
on an awesome canvas
Arousing the world and
holding it breathless for
One moment in eternity.

Winter . . .

When lingering leaves have
turned to ashen skeletons,
Blown to a corner of the yard—
Old and unwanted, yet
Held beneath frigid snow or
impaled on icy picket fence,
Hurting and not knowing
(or ever knowing)
how to be free,
Waiting for another to settle
a destiny.
No breathless moment;
Only a frozen heart and dream,
And waiting . . .
Waiting for eternity.

© Anne S. Moore 2/4/92

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