By Juli Maltagliati
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Spiritual and Inspirational poetry that touch the heart and soul, and provoke the mind.

By Juli Maltagliati

 for Beulah


My beautiful dog lays dying,
Seventeen years of a life now ending far too soon.
I can't give rein to my grief yet.

Yesterday someone said the inevitable,
"She's only a dog,"
And I was silent because I knew
Words would be futile.

But thoughts answered freely...
Yes, she's only a dog
Who has only known my mind like no one before,
Who has only been my salvation from uncommon despair,
Who has only sought without pause to bring me joy,
Who has only eased my distress and sorrow myriad times,
Who has only been a companion of unparalleled loyalty,
Who has only been an incomparable friend.

And I am only a human
Who has only loved her more than I could ever lay bare,
Who has only seen God in her smile numberless times,
Who has only felt inconsolable at the very thought of losing her,
Who will only miss her all the remaining days of my life,
Who only feels as if my heart is cut and bleeding now,
Who yet would only ask for this again.

This is the only thing pure and true there is:
Love like this.
And she's only a dog.

Copyright 6-24-07
Juli Maltagliati

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