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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Patterns of the Past
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

As a human being we continuously mirror the same mistakes or action.
At times we review it as an irreversible unmistakable fault.
We argue this with ourselves saying "This is not what we were taught".
We keep following the same patterns every day.
Then one day we realize that we can escape from all of this.
Then the realization suddenly hits us that we can all start anew.
We no longer will feel the need to be a prisoner of the past.
All of us have the ability to create and direct our own future.
We need to think positively with our dreams and hopes to nurture.
Once we accept and embrace this we can create the future we need.
Then we will no longer feel the stress or to be anxious.
Every single day can and will be a new start.
We will no longer be a fugitive to our selves.
Things do change and with that comes hope and newness on our journey.
That alone can and will set us free.
Believing in your self is the magical Key.

Andrew Pell 16/03/2021

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