PEACEM. Linda Steffey
Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

Peace is like a winking star
Deep in quiet space
Or perhaps like round pale moon
A smile on its soft glowing face;

Peace is like a butterfly
Fragile like its wings
It reminds me of summer days
When lovely bluebird sings;

It's like the bright, bubbling brook
Its waters rush to sea
It's also like the eagle soaring
High and floating free;

Reminds me of thick winter wood
On a hushed and snowy day
The beating heart, unspoken word
When we kneel in church to pray;

Nature is a wise thing
Her plans are laid out well
All creatures live their lives
In peace on earth they dwell;

I wish that I could see mankind
Lay out some plans as great
To learn to live side by side
Before it's all too late;

God's earth would see no more wars
People's hearts would beat as one..
Respect and love would flourish
Beneath God's golden sun;

The red man, black, the yellow
The white man would hold hands
With love for God, each other
Erase hate from all their lands....

(c) M. Linda Steffey 1990

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