PERSECUTED!!M. Linda Steffey
Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

Persecuted if you are heavy
Persecuted if you are short...
Persecuted for your brown eyes
Or if not the right sort....

Persecuted for your dark hair
Since blond hair is preferred
Put-down if you're skinny
It really is absurd...

Persecuted for your dark skin
Or if it's red or yellow...
Put-down if you're female
Instead of a fellow...

Treated well if educated
Forgotten if you're poor
And Heaven help the prisoner
He's rotten to the core!!

If ill due to lifestyle
Judged for your "sin"
By Christians unforgiving
Their church you can't come in!

Persecuted for religion
It's not the "right" one
Told God just won't love you
If the wrong faith...or none!

Called names for your ideas
If different from the rest
Not allowed to be yourself
Must conform to be the best!

I asked the Lord the other day
Help us see through His eyes
For this judging, criticism
Isn't Spiritual, isn't wise...

Know only that we're special
Each life here is unique
And if you can't accept some
Then God's help you should seek...

Loving is forgiving
This lesson, learn it well...
In the whole of humanity
There the Holy Spirit dwells...

To attack the Spirit is blasphemy
To lift up is Divine
God asks us to be loving
Be like Jesus....gentle, kind!

(c) M. Linda Steffey

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