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Play Time
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(Inspired by the words of a kind and insightful friend)
We all need to set time aside each day for playtime.
A time when our inner child and intellect can align;
A time when we can escape from the rigors life can bring.
Everyone needs time from the pressures to do their own thing.
It may be sport, music or simply a walk in the park.
It is when we donít allow time, we feel drained and dark.
Find time to do your recreational craft.
Itís probably been a while since you have had a good laugh.
Christ himself found time to wander far into the quiet hills.
That time alone cured many ills.
Discover your ability and gift to have fun.
Even if that means a couple of hours out in the sun;
Do something that is different from your routine.
You will discover a new dimension that is rarely seen.
Have fun today and do not delay.
You will see many wonders come your way.

© Andrew Pell 27/09/09

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