Andrew PellPortrait of Perfection
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Portrait of Perfection
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Human beings are sometimes flawed.
This is something that cannot be ignored.
We make mistakes and stumble in darkness.
Some people couldnít care less.
We have the capacity to do so much good.
And we should.
We must forgive ourselves to move on.
Forget the past and all the wrong.
When we forgive ourselves God forgives.
The past is gone, show love and live.
The line is drawn in the sand.
This is not such a huge demand.
We are all on a journey together.
Let us all make the world better.
All is possible if we believe.
Inaction will cause us to grieve.
Godís Will is for all to succeed.
Through Christ we plant the seed.
Human beings can be perfect.
This is not simply for the elect.
Use our intelligence for good.
If only we would.
Perfect our life, our work and education.
Show Godís love through all creation.
We donít always have to be flawed.
Godís gracious calling cannot be ignored.

© Andrew Pell 10/09/2011

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