Anthony James Psalm 18
Poetry By Anthony James
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Psalm 18
Poetry By Anthony James

I knew love, when I was young
I knew how to get to Heaven
And I saw my brothers and sisters

My heart was right,
Set on Love, too.
I was good,
It's true.

I knew Victory.
I knew what it took.
And I had heard His Word
In the Greatest Book of all Books.

And I prayed, as such,
And I talked to Him..
So much.

Every day.
When I was young.
I knew Love.

I saw Heaven,
And my heart was right.

Nothing could ever change the way I was.
And I told Him, that.
And He Loved me so much,

then He let his Fingers slide through mine..

And we were apart.

I prayed and prayed.
A boy of this flesh.
I promised Him,
To do my best.

And what do you know.
In my life, to such a place,
Would I go.

To a cage of Fire
In Hell's Brigade
A middle-aged man
Dead from pills.

I could not deny,
The race was long.
I knew I was strong!
But I was wrong.

I wrote a script..
But erased all the trips..
And falls.. and my feet
Let me down, in the end.

I was in Hell.
With my heart.
And my Sorrow.

A broken heart.
A Crushed Spirit.
I wept, the weep of death.

Who can know this kind of Sorrow?
The Sorrow in Sheol?
Where the Truth is all there is.
And the world, you know
Is behind you.

Where Salvation has expired.

I have to be honest.
My hope was lost.
My despair is angst
And my Soul weeps.

In Sheol.

When a Hand touches my shoulder.
I am fully spent.
And dead.

// Rise //

And sin no more.

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