Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

Tell me my Lord what do I hear?
After all I know you are near.
It is your guidance I know I need.
As many your voice do fail to heed

As many listen to all that is around.
Of hearing you can many be found?
Are there many who know you are near?
Of these do they grow less each year?

Of their love for you do they truly speak?
Or are they of a belief that is sad and weak?
The type who to church each week do go?
Then fail to speak of you also!

Of the message you to them send.
Do they accept it or allow it to offend?
For in their hearts did you they receive?
Of your love and wisdom do they believe?

To the reader of this poem would you say.
Do you even recall why it was I came your way?
With all your heart and soul in me do you believe?
From God in heaven his forgiveness will you receive?

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