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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Quiet Time with God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

When we are feeling tired, depressed or simply down.
We can turn our emotions right around.
Meditate on the quiet times Jesus shared in his earthly days.
Alone in the hills away from people he bathed in Godís healing rays.
He prayed in silence alone yet surrounded by the angelic host.
It was during these times he felt the presence of God the most.
The peace transcended a tired and heavy heart.
He knew that God and he would never ever depart.
God refreshed him as God will refresh each and every one of us.
All the tension, pain and anxiety will simply fall to dust.
Once again, I say go out into your own Garden of Peace.
There in that quiet time in that special place will you be given great release.
Do not neglect or forget the healing power of God.
Embrace this gift, walk in the ways your Fathers trod.
Whatever your revelation of God may be.
Trust in the divine to open your eyes so you may clearly see.
Immerse yourself in the divine presence.
The experience will be long lasting and very pleasant.

 Andrew Pell 05/08/07

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